“Better H2O begins with the filter”

Water Filtration make most tap water better than bottled

Our municipal water often is a toxic soup of low amounts of many poisons and pollutants. Using an activated charcoal filter or other organic filtering system can remove most of these toxins. Your water will be healthier, taste better and bring high quality nutrients without pollutants into each cell of your body to nourish , hydrate and sustain it.

What’s in Your tap water

if you have young kids, are pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, elderly or have a compromised immune systems you may be particularly vulnerable to some contaminants in tap water.

How to protect yourself

Water filters and staying abreast of the water quality in your area are very important. Know what pesticides and other pollutants are in your tap water.

Ask your local water utility for a copy of their annual water quality report.
Test your tap water for lead contamination, particularly if you have young kids, are pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, since lead is especially dangerous and levels can vary enormously from house to house. A lead test costs about $25 (the University of North Carolina has a low-cost testing information service).
Once you know what’s in your water, you can find a filter that’s geared toward getting rid of the specific pollutants, if any, that may be present.

Filtering your water with an activated charcoal or other organic filter system if approved by the government can clean up those unwanted and potentially harmful amounts of arsenic, pesticides both organic and inorganic, lead and other pollutants and the unwanted odors and turbidity (sediment in the water).

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